Form Your Mastermind Group in 2021

Form Your Mastermind Group in 2021

A team full of like minded hustlers with a purpose...Your Mastermind Group is an important concept on the road to financial freedom.  This mastermind group is essential for anyone who wants to become a successful entrepreneur.  Follow these 4 easy steps to form your mastermind group in 2021.


What is a Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group/alliance is group of like minded individuals, who collaborate in authentic tranquility, en route to a definite goal/purpose. No one mind can be complete by itself.  

Implementing the principles of a mastermind group, allows you to use the training, knowledge, experience, and expertise of other people, and use it as if they were your own. Use other's strengths to counter your weaknesses. 

In order for your mastermind group to operate effectively, you must give crystal clear directions and signals to your group. In return they need to be ready and willing to cooperate and work together in harmony to obtain the group goal.

1st Step In Establishing a Mastermind Group

Determine Your Purpose/Goal

First thing you must do is make sure that the mastermind group alliance has a definite purpose.  This goal/purpose must be the same as your members or very similar. Be sure to keep this in mind when pre-selecting your members


2nd Step: Select the Members of Your Group/Alliance 

You might already have some people in mind. But make sure their mentality is right.  A important factor is mindset; do the people you have in mind have the same hustle & entrepreneurial mindset?

2nd is competence to do the job. Do not draft players on your team just because you know or like them.

3rd, do they have the ability to work in a spirit of tranquility with others. Without harmony this puts the ring at jeopardy.


Step Three: Determine Your Rewards

We are all human and as humans we want to be rewarded.  Figure out from the start what rewards you will be issuing, in return for the work of others. There are 6 reward motives that can be the basis of these rewards:

  1. Self-preservation
  2. Love
  3. Desire for life after death
  4. Freedom for mind & body
  5. Desire for recognition & self-expression
  6. Wealth

Usually the greatest reward appeal is Wealth, but other motives can play a vital role. Wealth must be fair, consistent, and divided generously among your crew. To some, recognition and self-expression are more important than money. Lookout for anger, hate, fear because this can twist the minds of your team if you allow it.

Step Four: Set a Time and Place for Meeting

To do any good, your alliance must be active.

Plan a definite time and place for scheduled meetings to make sure you and the group is making progress, and dealing with issues towards the definite purpose.

Early meetings will be the initial planning towards the goal and definite purpose. Also you all will establish roles to fit each members specialized skills.

As your alliance grows and matures in tranquility; flow of creation from each member will be more organic. As you continue to work collectively, more enthusiasm will be generated and more harmony will occur.

The Wrap Up

Having a mastermind group alliance is vital for the success in your pursuit of financial freedom. One mind does not hold all information; a great mind will connect with others to obtain knowledge they do not have, so one can achieve their definiteness of purpose.

When you put a group of like minded entrepreneurs together, their is no limit to the success you can have as a entrepreneur, so make sure you start to establish your mastermind group alliance for your 2021!