A Product Story: enTRAPreneur

The concept of our enTRAPreneur collection; is a play-on

of the word entrepreneur.

The term "trap" is synonymous in the hip hop community. 

"Trap Music" derived from the hip-hop genre of the subject matter of selling drugs.  Referring to being stuck in a cycle of hustling or selling drugs.

But just like hustling, you can trap more than illegal illicit products.

Even in business you can become "trapped" as an entrepreneur.

You'll get a lot of outside distractions, negative comments, and doubters, so you tend to build a wall from these outside entities.  

When you build this wall, you can become "trapped". 

Sometimes you can become so engulfed in a business project, idea, or concept and become trapped inside, because you're in it so deep. 

Just like hustling and business goes hand and hand; Entrepreneurial and trap life does as well..Question is..

Are you about that enTRAPreneurial life? 

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